Session 4

ABS Dialogue between Governments and Indigenous Peoples: The Lessons Learned

18 November 2020

Indigenous Peoples and local Communities are at the center of ABS as custodians of biodiversity and right holders of traditional knowledge related to genetic resources that conducts science in the search for nature-based solutions. Learn how they protect their practices and resources, what are their needs and how they want them to be addressed for the way forward.

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020

9:00 AM New York time / Panama time (2 hours)


Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) are at the center of ABS. They are the custodians of biodiversity and right holders of traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources. Learn how IPLCs protect their practices and resources, which are their needs and how to address them in the post-2020 Biodiversity Strategic Framework.


Q” hapaj Conde


Associate Programme Management Officer for the Peoples and Biodiversity Unit at the CBD Secretariat. Doctorate on Juridical Sciences. He was a co-chair of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus.

Santiago Cevallos

SENADI Ecuador

Director of the National Service on Intellectual Property Rights (Senadi). He was Ecuadorian delegate to WIPO in the Copyright Committee for 5 years.

Diana Aguavil

Governor T´sáchila Nationality of Ecuador

She is the first female governor of the Tsáchila nationality after 104 years of male administrations.

Erick Kimalat

EWC, Kenya

Chairman at the Endorois Welfare Council (EWC), a registered community-based organization of the Endorois Indigenous People living around the Lake Bogoria areas of Baringo County, Kenya.

Kavaka Mukonyi

Kenya Wildlife Service

Head Bioprospecting at Kenya Wildlife Service. He is actively involved in technology transfer on access and benefit sharing, community livelihoods and conservation linkages.

Seumalo Afele Faiilagi


ACEO for Environment Conservation Division of Samoa.

Ndiaga Sall

Enda Health, Senegal

Head of the Health Knowledge and Community Practices Department at Enda Health.

He is a founding member of the African Genetic Heritage Coalition and member of the National ABS Committee of Senegal.

Yolanda Teran

IIFB (Ecuador)

International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity. She is a specialist on Language, Literacy and Socio-Cultural Studies of indigenous peoples.

Edith Bastidas


Network of Indigenous Women for Biodiversity – Latin America, Colombia’s focal point. She a specialist on Constitutional and Parliamentary law and has served in different responsibilities related to indigenous peoples.

Jessica-Jane Lavelle

Voices for Bio justice

She is a researcher with the National Research Foundation SARChI Chair in Social and Environmental Dimensions of the Bioeconomy at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Jazzy Rasolojaona

Natural Justice

Programme Manager at the francophone Hub of Natural Justice. He mainly works on ABS, TK protection and governance of natural resources and community land rights.

Claudia Valeria Sánchez Flores

RITA Biodiversity, Mexico

Director of Biodiversity and BCP at RITA Biodiversity, Mexico. She is specialized in conservation of biocultural heritage, Environment interpretation for Tourism, and is an active member of the FIIB.
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